Astek HQ Unveils its Newest Printers

New printer at Astek HQ

Astek’s history with the Durst Group goes back a long way- almost 20 years! In 2006 when our studio was looking to move away from traditional, less eco-friendly printing techniques using materials such as solvents, president and CEO Aaron Kirsch looked to Durst for his first hybrid printer. At the time, it was the first of its kind in the USA. Since then, Kirsch has purchased 12 Durst printers and intends to continue using their advanced technology.

Earlier this month, our team attended PRINTING United Expo, the most dynamic printing event in the world! We were pleased to mingle with industry friends while exploring the newest technologies and unveiling our own. It was at this event that the Durst P5 350 HSR was presented to the public.

Kirsch had previously seen the printer on his tour of the Durst facility earlier last year, and we're proud to welcome not one, but two printers to our production studio this fall! The P5 350 HSR and P5-500 are high-speed roll-to-roll printing systems with reliable and innovative features. This includes capabilities such as QR/barcode printing and unattended 24/7 printing to maximize efficiency. Because Astek primarily caters to commercial spaces and businesses seeking unique artwork, the streamlined media handling and special ink effects (i.e haptic and gloss effects) are especially beneficial. This would not only allow our studio to produce higher-quality prints but also increase production speed. Most importantly, we appreciate the sustainable aspect of VOC-free printing that takes strides in the direction of a greener future. These two new additions are bigger and better, allowing us to expand production to new levels.

Kirsch thanks Durst owner Christoph Gamper and Durst US president Tim Sauer for being so welcoming with their facilities and always keeping him in the loop with the latest technologies. 

New grand-format digital printer at Astek
New grand-format digital printer at Astek