Handcrafted Natural Wallcoverings

For centuries, from the world over, nature has long inspired us.

Astek's natural wallcovering collection taps into our unwavering love and fascination with the natural world. Each one uniquely special thanks to the material and handicraft involved.

From woven grasscloths to shimmering micas, our natural wallcoverings are all handmade from plant and mineral based resources. Some of the materials found in our authentic, beautiful collections include cork, mica, arrowroot, jute, sisal, and sea grass. Our grasscloths are all handmade using a number of weaving and finishing techniques and come in array of patterns and color variations. While our cork and mica wallcoverings are mixed with other materials and finishes to create dazzling effects.

As these wallcoverings are composed mostly of natural materials, we suggest gently cleaning them with a dry towel or dusting cloth and recommend placing them in rooms that aren't exposed to moisture.

We work with our clients to meet their specific design visions in industries such as hospitality, architecture, interior design, retail, and film. From handcrafted to digitally created, our wallcovering selection is unrivaled and our dedication to customer service is second to none. Thanks to our meticulous attention to quality, in both our products and customer service, we've remained the premier choice for stunning wallcoverings for decades.

Contact us anytime if you're interested in our all-natural wallpapers and would like a sample, or if you'd like to work with our highly trained project managers and designers for a custom wallcovering all your own. Let's create an unforgettable space together.