How much time will my custom digital print job take?

  • Lead times vary based on quantity. At Astek, we specialize in meeting tight turnaround times and manage our print queues on a priority basis. Let us know your deadline and we'll work with you to find the best solution possible.

File Preparation

How large should my file be?

  • Wallpaper pattern repeats should be a minimum 300ppi at full print size.
  • Murals may be sized to 100ppi at full print size. For questions please email project.managers@astek.com and our team would be happy to assist.

What file types do you accept?

  • We suggest high resolution TIFF or PDF files for raster artwork and PDFs for vector artwork. However, we can accept any file type that can be read by Adobe Photoshop CC and / or Adobe Illustrator CC (ai, psd, psb, eps, etc). If your file is not print ready a design or setup fee may apply. 


How do I set up an account with Astek so that I can start to place orders?

  • If you wish to set up a NET30 account, please fill out and submit the form attached below.
  • If you plan to prepay indefinitely, please submit your request to new.accounts@astek.com and be sure to include the following information: Company Name, Contact information (phone, fax, address, email, etc.), Company Industry / Type, Re-sell and / or license number along with a copy of card
  • Download our account application here

File Transfer / Upload

How do I send a file through your website?

  • You can upload your file through the Upload Page on our website. Please be sure to note your contact (if applicable) and information regarding your file and request.


How large are your samples and how do they come?

  • Digitally printed memo samples come in a standard 8.5"x11" inches. Naturals and Specialty samples vary by collection. 

Can you produce custom flocked and screen printed products?

Can I expedite an order and if so, how do I get a freight quote?

  • We do our best to keep all of our speciality and natural wallcovering in stock and available for expedited shipping however, it is always recommended to confirm stock and lead-time with an associate first to ensure that there are no further delays.
  • Digital designs and custom orders are printed to order based on priority and lead times vary based on quantity. Please check with your Project Manager or Sales Rep to confirm the lead time for your order and determine if expediting is possible.


Do I need an appointment to visit your showroom?

  • Nope! You can just show up during our normal business hours. Please bring your resale license and sign in at the front desk. Please note that we are NOT open to the general public. To determine if you are eligible to create an account with us please email new.accounts@astek.com 


How fast do orders ship out?

  • We do our best to ship all specialty and natural wallcovering orders either the same or next business day, however if the product is on a manufacturer’s backorder, you will be notified within 24-36 hours. If the item you have ordered is a digitally printed wallcovering or a custom order, the Project Manager or Sales Representative you are working with will communicate your lead times with you.
  • If you are placing an expedited order, you should confirm stock and lead-time with an associate first to ensure that there are no further delays.

    I received a damaged roll but some of my paper is fine, what should I do?

    • STOP! Do not proceed any further. Please call us immediately at (818) 901-9876, info@astek.com or contact the representative or Project Manager you are working with and we will work to find a resolution.  Do not cut, trim or begin hanging any wallcovering if any of your wallcovering is damaged.   

    How do I return my unwanted items?

    • Please find our return policy below and review for eligibility. If you need to make a return please call (818)901-9876 or email returns@astek.com
    • Download our Return Policy here

    What does untrimmed mean?

    • Untrimmed means that the excess paper on the edges of the product will have to be trimmed off by hand before the product is hung. This is typically a precise process and will require a steady hand to do so. When certain products are manufactured, the print/pattern will not bleed off the paper like most wallpapers. All flocked, screen printed and digitally printed patterns will come untrimmed so please be aware when you place your order. All flocked and screen printed patterns are hand made therefore natural variations in the product will occur which is why trimming is needed.