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ATMOS wallcovering collection

The focus on perfectionism often overshadows the beauty found in the abstract. Rather then render every detail of the natural landscape, Astek's Atmos wallcovering collection seeks to capture the feeling of place. 

Impulsive brushstrokes, washes of color, and intentional mark-making suggest mountain peaks, colorful sunsets, vast oceans, and rolling fields. Using various methods and paint mediums such as acrylic, gouache, and watercolor, this collection encourages imagination and creativity as a beautiful landscape appears effortlessly and vaguely. Using the horizon line as a guide, Astek's in-house designers were encouraged to create landscapes using the concept of abstraction. Each design is unique, as a plethora of minds and artistic backgrounds drove the completion of this collection.

Atmos collection

Whether you're designing a commercial space or a single residential wall, the repeating murals of our Atmos wallcoverings ensure not an inch of the designs' quality is compromised and seamlessly fits any space to scale. We have you covered from the widest of walls to the most narrow! 

This collection is presented on Laguna, one of our eco-friendly Type II substrates. However, we offer fully customizable colors, substrates, and scales for any need you may have. Our expert in-house design team works with you every step of the way to help bring your vision to life. Our advanced printing technologies only further support your creative vision, as we offer everything from color matching to flatbed printing.

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Atmos wallcovering collection