Gallery Shelf at BDNY 2022

Gallery Shelf

We're offering an inside look at our behind-the-scenes talent at BDNY this year. Browse a collection of original artworks and designs in person at the show and online here to see the stories behind the pieces on display.

Astek Gallery Shelf at BDNY
1. Custom | A sketch for a custom Willie Nelson-inspired wallcovering at the Cambria Hotel Nashville Downtown breakroom.
2. Custom | A custom design for a client requesting hand drawn buildings of Pioneer Square in Seattle, WA.
3. Atmos | An original watercolor painting for Vista 3 from the Atmos wallcovering collection done by in-house talent.
    Astek Gallery Shelf at BDNY 2022

    4. Atmos | Material exploration for the Atmos wallcovering collection. 
    5. Doodle | A sticky note doodle inspired by a very stylish client.
    6. Phantasm | An original cyanotype for Photogram 12 from the Phantasm wallcovering collection, featuring calligraphy-inspired brushstrokes.
    7. Doodle | A drawing of Rusty, our fun and friendly office bulldog. 
    8. Astratta Miami | An original risograph print of Elissa Passino’s artwork for the Astratta Miami wallcovering collection, inspired by art deco architecture found in Miami's historic district. 
    9. Doodle | A designer’s doodle of the cutest dang cowgirl our Los Angeles studio ever did see.
    10. Custom | Hand-sketched by an in-house designer, custom ice cream cones adorn the guest bathroom walls of the Graduate Hotel State College, PA.

    Astek Gallery Shelf at BDNY

    11. Phantasm | An original cyanotype for Photogram 16 from the Phantasm wallcovering collection using found flora. 
    12. Natsukashii | A piece of hand-dyed fabric for the Natsukashii wallcovering collection, a series of repeating patterns inspired by ancient Japanese shibori or resist-dyeing techniques. 
    13. Atmos | An original painting for Vista 6 from the Atmos wallcovering collection evokes imagery from the sunlit Mojave Desert. 
    14. Doodle | An informal self portrait on a sticky note by one of our designers.
    15. Ukiyo | An original suminagashi study for the Ukiyo wallcovering collection takes inspiration from Japanese floating ink techniques. 
    16. Custom | A painting inspired by the Nevada desert for a Las Vegas hotel.
    17. Geographia | A hand-painted color study for Traverse from the Geographia wallcovering collection, inspired by the color palette of the American West. 

    Gallery Shelf at BDNY

    18. Geographia | A hand-painted and woven artwork for Traverse from the Geographia wallcovering collection showcases a blend of landscape details. 
    19. Custom |  Relief artwork using acrylic modeling paste and tools of the designer’s own invention for an upscale hotel (still in the works).
    20. Utopia | Original, hand-painted artwork for Bali Hai from the Utopia wallcovering collection depicting the fictional isle of the 1958 film South Pacific.