Color Story | Summer 2022

Color Story | Summer 2022

This summer, Astek tells a tale of balance by marrying a spread of contrasting colors. From deep ocean blues to bright citrusy oranges, these colors are reminiscent of the beauty that is to come and the memories to be made. Vibrant clothing, colorful surfboards, and calming waters are familiar images of the season paired with inviting corals and bright rose hues to encourage the summer's full potential. By tying in colors naturally found outdoors during the summer, the season's essence truly comes to life with this palette.

Read on to discover designs that compliment our seasonal color story.

Miami Springs wallcovering

Our Miami Springs design was done in collaboration with Italian designer Elisa Passino. The cool tones of blue pair perfectly with the warm hues of orange, just as it naturally does in summertime. Abstract and unique, this design is versatile and will add something special to any space.

Pop wallcovering

Pop by Society of Wonderland is a design inspired by the Ben-Day printing process that employs overlapping colorful shapes to create an eye-catching effect. Its vibrancy is a wow-factor that does not overwhelm or stress the surrounding elements in a space. Like our season's color palette, it pairs both cool and warm tones in a perfect way.

Sugar Town wallcovering

Sugar Town features a brightly colored city, clad in shades of rose and turquoise. This cheery design evokes adventurous vacations and summer travel, encouraged by the freedom of this season. Marrying a range of colors seamlessly, this design welcomes a lively feeling.

Other wallcovering designs featured in the Summer 2022 palette include Current, South Beach, and Bahama Mama.