Farmbird | custom wallpaper

Mixed prints for the win! We worked with //3877 to create these custom illustrated wallcoverings for Farmbird DC. The designs include two charming patterns, one featuring line drawn portraits of goats and another featuring farm-fresh produce. The team at //3877 said this about the concept.

Farmbird is a brand that prides itself in authenticity, transparency, and freshness. When we started coming up with custom wallcovering ideas for Farmbird that would be featured in their second location in Penn Quarter, DC (and their recently opened third location in Ballston, VA, as well as a new fourth location in DC that will be announced soon), we were being intentional and conscious of the fact that we did not want to overemphasize chickens in any of the concepts, as it felt too expected. The goats quickly became a fan favorite among the team because it is cute, friendly and inviting, and most importantly, NOT an animal that is served on their menu. The vegetable wallcovering is also a great way to bring in some of their core brand colors and keep things fresh, pun intended, while portraying a dynamic and funky design. The loose, gestural drawing style in both patterns feels effortlessly thoughtful and creative, much like the Farmbird brand, and does a great job tying all their locations together.

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Photo: Clarence Butts Photography