Haptic Printing for Wallcovering

Haptic printed wallcovering by Astek

In a world becoming increasingly digital every day, the desire for tactile design remains. Digital printing, traditionally associated with flat design, has been revolutionized by haptic printing, allowing us to create dimensional wallcoverings. With haptic, we can mimic the look and feel of traditional embossed patterns to emphasize the physical characteristics of different designs while simultaneously retaining the flexibility and customization that digital printing offers. Haptic printing raises the bar on digitally printed goods, by resonating with visual and physical senses.

Haptic printing allows for a depth of, up to 1 mm. This process can be applied to a number of our substrates, including mylars and rigid grounds. We also have the option to produce a lenticular-style image, which adds the illusion of depth and allows the color to change as the print is viewed from different angles.

Haptic is either used for custom designs or applied to a number of existing wallcovering designs and graphics to enhance them. For example, dimension can be added to painterly images to add the illusion of painting brushstrokes or graphic patterns to create an embossed look. The ability to add dimensionality to a printed medium proves to be a powerful differentiating tool that creates lasting impressions. 

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Haptic-printed version of our Metropolis wallcovering