How Floral Wallcoverings Are Making A Comeback

Floral wallpaper behind someone having coffee

When someone says “floral wallpaper”, what comes to mind? Maybe something dated or stodgy, but we’ve seen an interesting twist on the trend recently. More and more businesses are using bright florals in their commercial interior design but choosing to include a contemporary edge in their style choices. As an LA-based design company, we love to see this “blast from the past” in restaurants, bars, and more throughout the city. In this article, we look closer at three of our favorite florals we’ve spotted around town.


Echo Park recently welcomed this homey Italian restaurant, channeling classic red-sauce joints from the East Coast. A modern take on a nostalgic classic, Donna’s brings back all the best memories. We spotted a vintage, custom wallcovering printed by us on all four walls of the space. This project was done in collaboration with Aero Collective and is the perfect example of a space utilizing florals in a contemporary way. Vintage-inspired fruits and flowers tastefully dance across the restaurant's walls in red and orange tones to create an intentionally classic appearance. However, when paired with modern elements such as bar stools and hanging plants, the wallcovering adds a cool, retro look.

Vintage wallpaper in Italian restaurant

Alfred Westwood

The well-loved coffee shop, Alfred, is not just known for its innovative coffee combinations, but also for its sleek interior design. In their Westwood location, we spotted a unique take on floral wallcoverings. Done in collaboration with Studio Sucio, we created a custom design featuring large, blue flowers that repeat along all the walls in the shop. This more contemporary look paired perfectly with the iconic historic elements of old Hollywood architecture, such as two-toned tile and archways. Located in a historic Los Angeles building in Westwood Village, we wouldn’t expect anything less from Alfred Coffee.

Blue floral wallpaper in cafe

Flowerboy Project

Half coffee shop, half flower shop, it only makes sense that a floral wallcovering would be right at home in Venice’s Flowerboy Project. This isn’t just any old floral print, however. This particular toile created by shop co-owner and designer Sean Knibb, has a distinctly modern twist. If you look closely, you’ll see BMX-riding kids, skateboarders, owls in baseball hats, and more fun elements that spice up this botanical design. This shop is nothing short of unique,and pays loving homage to his grandmother, a florist from Jamaica. This might be your only chance to stop and smell the roses (literally) while picking up your morning cappuccino. 

Coffee shop and florist