How Hotels Are Using Wallcoverings Today

Custom wallcoverings by Astek for MGM Grand

It’s a known fact that hotel room art can be a hit or miss. Whether with paintings or decorative trinkets, the hospitality industry constantly aims to boost guest satisfaction through experiential design. “Experiential design emphasizes the experience a person has with a built environment.” In this case, we see the trend of traditional, hanging art being phased out, appearing almost dated in guestrooms. More and more, we see interior designers choosing printed wallcoverings or murals to complement the furniture, particularly the headboards of beds, sometimes opting to replace headboards with these patterns instead.

Custom Wallcoverings for Cedartree Hotel by Astek

Choosing mural wallcoverings to go on the walls behind beds adds an artistic touch while maintaining a sleek, minimalist look and eliminating the need to clutter the space with additional decorative elements. The Cedartree Hotel done in collaboration with SERA Architects in Hillsboro, Oregon, uses this technique to play into its Japanese room aesthetic. Guestrooms have a Japandi look, using light woods and natural textures. This specific space chooses a very subtle headboard style, using the custom maple tree branch mural as the focal point of the room.

Custom Wallcoverings for the Ameswell by Astek

A bolder mural choice can take a guestroom in a totally different direction. Take the Ameswell Hotel, for example. This Silicon Valley hotel was done with BAMO, is centrally located in the tech hub of California. Aiming to give guestrooms an innovative look, our colorful Xylem mural adds the perfect eccentric accent to spaces while maintaining a sleek and professional atmosphere for working guests.

Custom Wallcoverings by Astek for the MGM Grand's West Wing

Done with Avenue Interior Design, the MGM Grand’s West Wing is a happy medium between the previous two projects, using a headboard mural as an accentuating detail to enhance its Palm Springs-inspired look. Our custom mural uses abstract shapes in hues of pink and red. This desert palette mural again serves as the only “artwork” in the guestroom, giving it an effortlessly chic look.