John Reed Fitness in WeHo

Astek wallcoverings at John Reed Fitness WeHo

Community tends to be the catalyst for change in a city. Whether it be a local rec center or a farmers market, a place to gather always brings residents closer (literally and figuratively). In this case, West Hollywood recently celebrated the grand opening of its newest fitness facility. John Reed Fitness chooses to overturn the narrative that gyms have to be intimidating, exclusive, or boring.

This location of the renowned fitness brand incorporates the vibrant WeHo spirit and its signature kitschy aesthetic. Innovative equipment, live DJ sessions, and a plethora of workout classes make the facility a social hub for the community. Playing into these qualities, Astek’s printed wares appear several times throughout the spaces.

Astek's Drunk Monkeys wallcovering at John Reed Fitness WeHo

When guests first enter the gym, they are greeted with the grandeur of a “throne” area in the lobby, complete with extravagant seats and archways dawning our Punk Rock Toile wallcovering for a unique twist. One of our most popular designs, Drunk Monkeys, done in collaboration with Andrew Alford, appears in the hallway leading to one of the machine rooms and also covers one of its walls for a quirky touch. As guests go deeper into the facility, they can enter another equipment room to see a stunning ceiling mural dawning mythical creatures such as mermaids and centaurs created by Allison Krumwiede, yet again playing into a signature kitschiness. Another one of our murals appears in a long gym hallway, featuring illustrations of swimmers “swimming” as guests walk through, creating a slight illusion effect. Printed on our Spectre, Sandstone, and Matte Vinyl substrates, these durable, commercial-grade materials are ideal for spaces or businesses where the walls might need to be cleaned frequently.

Ultimately, this fun space is made with gym-goers in mind. John Reed COO Colin Thomas explains they “added spaces that encourage our members to socialize – a much-needed hub for the Boulevard and the community as a whole.”

Astek's Punk Rock Toile wallcovering at John Reed Fitness WeHo
Custom wallcovering for John Reed Fitness WeHo

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