Metallic Wallcoverings

Metallic Wallcoverings

The atmosphere of commercial spaces is just as important as the actual service or goods offered. Spaces such as hotels and restaurants should be welcoming, full of life, and say “come on in” to visitors. Cultivating the right atmosphere retains customers and entices them to return and relive their enjoyment. What’s the quickest way to transform the look and feel of a business? The walls! This article will discuss the beauty of metallic wallcoverings in these types of spaces.

Including gold, silver, or copper in a wallcovering is the easiest way to make a room appear more glamorous. Thanks to their eye-catching sheen, metallic wallcoverings mitigate the need for other fancy decorations or trinkets to elevate the appearance of interiors. They serve as a form of attention-grabbing art and allow for far more creativity on the interior designer’s end. This stunning look will effortlessly add to the brand’s identity and make for a memorable moment in the guest’s minds, increasing the likelihood they’ll return to the establishment.

Armand wallcovering

Metallic finishes in wallpaper have the ability to reflect light and open up a space. In other words, this is an inventive option that manipulates optics without resorting to extensive structural overhauls to make a small room appear larger. This is particularly useful in restrooms that are on the smaller side or dining spaces that might lack natural lighting. We recommend our Armand wallcovering for an Art-Deco-inspired touch of glitz. Geometric motifs are striking but not overwhelming when paired with a gold sheen. Our Jardin design features floral imagery in a muted colorway that contrasts a hint of glamor for a more classic look. A subtle option is our Exposition wallpaper for the perfect touch of sparkle.

Jardin wallcovering

Additionally, unlike hanging wall art, wallcoverings are durable and can be spot cleaned to maintain an unblemished appearance. Establishments with high traffic will surely see a difference in the longevity of commercial-grade wallcoverings, as opposed to paint that easily chips or shows flaws. In the long run, a metallic wallcovering will add both artistry, personality, and durability for years to come.