Printing with Spot Gloss

Image of wallcovering featuring spot gloss technique

At Astek, we’re always looking for ways to improve our printing process and add capabilities to our portfolio. With our newest Durst printers comes a fresh addition: spot gloss.

This high-gloss varnish can be applied with precision to any part of the print: either across the entire wallcovering for a dramatic shine, or used to highlight specific areas of the design. Spot gloss adds visual dimension and intrigue with countless options for customization.

Image of wallcovering being printed with spot gloss efect

This new capability can be applied to many different substrates and designs, adding unique character and depth to wallcoverings. Examples include: creating subtle contrast to tone-on-tone patterns, enhancing singular motifs such as birds and foliage in a traditional chinoiserie, and even adding luster to faux tile and marble surfaces. Spot gloss effortlessly transforms a wallcovering design, regardless of the substrate. This print effect creates a textural contrast on matte substrates, and when applied to a textured mylar substrate, it brings out extra depth and sparkle in the colors.

We’re excited to offer this new capability to our clients, giving them endless options to create unique and memorable interiors. Interested in adding spot gloss to your project? Get your custom wallcovering project underway here.

Wallcovering featuring spot gloss effect