The Making of Terrene

Terrene mural collection

“An exploration of the play between positive and negative space” is how one of our lead designers describes our newest mural collection, Terrene.

The concept of this collection was rooted in the desire to create tonal, chic mural designs that could effortlessly elevate a space. Working with a clay-like medium, our creative team was encouraged to experiment with different tools and manipulation techniques to achieve their composition. Through material exploration and personal expression, each designer brought their unique vision to the Terrene collection.

The making of Astek's Terrene mural collection

We invited our team members to work on their designs at their discretion, encouraging full creative freedom to be expressed with the medium. “Experimenting with different tools such as paint scrapers and palette knives, the marks [in the designs] were created with both careful intentionality and spontaneous movement” describes another artist. From there, the final pieces were carefully curated to create a balanced series of designs featuring different techniques. The mural designs are presented in two colorway variations; the original white color of the medium and an alternate color inspired by desert hues such as terracotta, soft brown, warm beige, and pale pink.

The final Terrene collection conjures an aura of tranquility, imperfection, and authenticity.

The making of Astek's Terrene mural collection