Toile Wallcoverings in Commercial Spaces

Toile Wallcoverings in Commercial Spaces

You may or may not have heard of toile (hint: it’s pronounced “twaal”), a historical pattern style that’s as popular now as it was hundreds of years ago. Here’s a little backstory on this classic design. While we might associate toile with textiles or wallcoverings, its origins come from the designs printed on 18th-century Chinese porcelain. Its namesake originates from the small French city of Jouy-in-Josas. It was here that toile fabric was first produced during the late 1700s, and why its proper name is “Toile de Jouy.” Often inspired by nature, these illustrative patterns typically depicted pastoral scenes printed on a white background in a single color. Luckily, we can have a little more fun with this style these days!

Toile has the ability to bring a timeless vintage look to a space. This is why we suspect it's making a well-deserved comeback. From pizzerias to hotels, we’ve helped a number of clients achieve this attractive “grand millennial” aesthetic. Here are a few recent projects featuring our toile wallcovering designs.

Punk Rock Toile wallcovering | Walrus Rodeo

Based in Miami, modern eatery Walrus Rodeo worked with By Lemme design firm and used our Punk Rock Toile in an orange colorway for a fun twist on this classic style. From afar, this wallcovering appears to be your typical pastoral look. But come a little closer to see an unexpected scene of rockers, hippies, and everything in between! This design was the perfect quirky touch for their bar, constantly catching customers' attention.

Another project used the same wallcovering design but in a more subtle colorway. G8 by CLG is a co-living space found in Marina Del Rey. Design firm Avenue ID created a welcoming common area within the complex, using muted neutral hues. To break things up and give a large, blank wall some character, our Punk Rock Toile once again gets the job done. Not only does this uplift the space’s mood, but it also doubles as a focal point and conversation starter for visitors looking to lounge, work, or socialize.

Punk Rock Toile wallcovering | G8 by CLG

We’ve also had clients opt for the more traditional toile patterns. Done with Banko Design firm, The Cove is an apartment community found in the heart of Georgia. Our designers created a custom toile wallcovering for their shared common space using imagery that speaks to the area’s rich history. This design created a regal appearance in a powdery blue color that fits right in with true Southern charm.

The Cove featuring toile wallcoverings by Astek