Trend Report: Wallcovering + Neon

A wallcovering can majorly impact the look and feel of a space, whether it’s a subtle repeating pattern or an oversized, full-color mural. Through thoughtful interior design choices, the wallcovering can be elevated even further. We’ve noticed a trend where interior designers pair wallcoverings with creative neon sign art for maximum impact. Below are three examples of projects where custom neon illuminates the wallcovering behind it, creating a wonderful interplay of light and color.

A home interior with floral wallcovering incorporating neon lights in the form of a flower

Zhuzh Bar

With interior design by Marrissa Marsh, Zhuzh Bar is a “micro club” embracing a groovy, glittery disco vibe. Adorned with jewel tones, neon lights, and a glittery concrete floor, the design for Zhuzh perfectly complements the carefully curated seasonal drink menu. Along one side, Astek’s Merian mural climbs the wall and wraps onto the ceiling for a larger-than-life effect. Jim Rizzo, known as “the neon king of the Bay Area,” created custom neon artwork to outline select flowers in the mural. The whole focus of the bar is to have fun and let loose - and unexpected neon artwork certainly adds to the experience.

Bar interior with stereo speaker-themed wallcovering and text written in neon lights

Flanker Kitchen + Sports Bar

Located inside Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino, Flanker Kitchen + Sports Bar was designed by Design Agency for the best viewing experience – with all the screens, every seat is the best seat in the house. This lively sports bar, serving up elevated bar food classics alongside 40 different draft beers, includes a karaoke room for private parties of up to 20 guests. Surrounded by Astek’s Wall of Sound mural, guests are encouraged to “follow the call of the disco ball” with a custom neon sign. Colorful lights along the banquette and suspended ceiling add another layer of moody color.

Concrete-themed wallcovering with a bird-shaped neon light

PABU Izakaya

PABU, designed by Bishop Pass, is a modern take on traditional Japanese izakaya-style dining. The upscale interior and world-class food make this restaurant a destination for date nights and parties. Astek’s gritty Sepulveda mural forms an urban backdrop to the pared-back furnishings. The piece de resistance: an oversized neon crane flying over the long banquette. The crane, a traditional symbol of good luck and longevity, is rendered in glowing red neon – a perfect nod to PABU’s blend of the historical and the current.