Versatility of Window Film in Office Spaces

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Privacy in an office can be a tricky thing, especially if glass windows and doors dominate the space. This particular environment may pose stylistic challenges, given its corporate and collaborative nature. However, window films might be a happy medium to keep the space professional while maintaining privacy in chosen areas.

Window films are an effective solution for large glass panes or windows, allowing partial or full privacy without fully blocking light from going in and out. Popular options include gradients, for a stylish yet effective solution, or simple geometrics for a more abstract, subtle privacy option.

Custom Window Film Graphics | Astek

Aside from privacy, having the option of window graphics makes for an inviting, sensory-friendly atmosphere that prioritizes employee well-being. This could be an attractive image printed to fit a glass pane or colorful art around the space. Businesses can also benefit from window graphics from the angle of brand marketing. The option to print a customized logo or other promotional materials makes it easy to showcase a brand’s identity where customers or passersby will easily catch a glimpse of an image that sticks in their mind. Window films doubling as branded signage are becoming an increasingly popular option in corporate spaces, giving businesses a more personalized approach to their graphics.

Astek’s state-of-the-art print technology allows for many possibilities using window films. Our product is also ideal for projects on larger glass panes because it can be done seamlessly without using multiple, individual pieces. Additionally, the material is PVC-free and the inks we print with are VOC-free, making it a great alternative to vinyl solutions for window graphics. The option to make it permanent or temporary in a space makes these window films a versatile, scratch-resistant solution for all business needs.

Custom Window Film | Astek