New York-New York Hotel & Casino

Wallcoverings for New York New York Hotel

Working closely with both HVS Design and MGM Resorts, Astek recently embarked on one of its most extensive projects to date. Las Vegas’ iconic New York-New York Hotel and Casino began an ambitious, multi-year remodel in 2018 and is expected to wrap up in summer 2023. This total overhaul will transform a total of 1,830 rooms and 155 of its suites.

Astek's in-house design studio and digital printing production facility, strategically located in Southern California, helped to anchor the design and renovation of the hotel. The most intricate and comprehensive area of work was done in the corridors. Newly crafted, bright wayfinding signage was printed on a custom-made, rich charcoal-colored, cork-textured Type II wallcovering substrate. The graphics play off the aesthetic of classic New York subway signs, with the added twist of Las Vegas slogans incorporated throughout. Implementing this wayfinding system simplified the hotel's intricate and complex floor plan to make navigation more guest-friendly. With five guest-serving elevator banks and over 40 floors, each elevator lobby is home to Instagram mural moments, giving guests a photo-op with the hashtag #NYNYinVegas. Over 20 custom murals appear throughout the hotel, each with unique imagery enticing visitors to snap a shot of themselves at the wall.

Newspaper Mural for NY NY Hotel and Casino

Detailed, original Astek-created design work can also be found throughout the hotel's guestrooms. All the rooms embody a classic New York City feel and feature a shredded poster wallcovering reminiscent of aging flyers on an urban wall. Additionally, all rooms are accented with faux exposed brick and newspaper wallcoverings, evoking an industrial aesthetic. Each of the wallcoverings were printed on various Type II wallcovering textures, specifically curated to compliment each design and pattern. The HVS Design team wanted to utilize the existing mirrors surrounding jacuzzis in about 200 suites. We printed a framed mullion design on our clear adhesive film, which was applied directly to the mirrors creating the illusion of urban windows surrounding the soaking tubs.

In addition to creating unique wallcoverings for this project, Astek’s designs appear in various marketing materials, such as brochures and construction barricades. This complete revamp of the hotel and casino aims to keep the property fresh and give guests a new reason to stay or visit. Chic and refreshed, New York-New York Hotel and Casino perfectly encompass the thrill of Las Vegas with hints of an urban oasis.

Wallcoverings at New York New York Hotel and Casino
Faux Brick Wallcovering | NY-NY Hotel