Curated from the works of photographer Steve LaVoie, images of concrete and steel reveal details hidden in plain sight. A natural graffiti of marks, scars, secretions, stains, and patinas live in the space between representation and abstraction. The resulting murals hold the tension between what feels familiar and what has been forgotten. Apperception is a Hospitality Design Award winner.

Apperception is a Hospitality Design Award winner.


Apperception explores the details of our everyday world, exposing urban textures, unusual markings, and found patterns that are often overlooked. Natural surfaces and minute details are scaled into sweeping murals that make a statement.

When considering hospitality design, the guest experience is the number one priority. Lobbies, hallways, conference rooms, and guest rooms are all opportunities to create a specific ambiance. Our Apperception wallpaper will make that ambiance unforgettable. Steve LaVoie manages to capture the mundane and elevate it into sublime wallcoverings, perfect for urban spaces and artisitc interiors alike.

If you're interested in using an Apperception mural in your space but would like to tweak the design to fit your vision, we can customize it. Our designers can easily alter the scale, color, and substrate to perfectly match your décor.

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